Sunday, March 18, 2012

God's Vision Through A Small Country-Style Church

A Church will be built high up on the Hill behind the two homes next door to the original land. I drew a picture of a church that the Lord had laid on my heart and it was so detailed, right down to what color it was to be painted inside and out, the steeple and the bell, the arched windows and the double doors. It was a cute and small White Country style Church. Sometime later I came across Akiane Kramarik’s website and found a painting that she had done of the same church to which I had drawn based on what the Lord had given me. It even had a cow in the painting and in this land there are many grazing cattle and goats. I was in awe that the same church that Jesus had shown me, He had also shown Akiane. Much of Akiane's work seems to have significance in my life and sometimes I get overwhelmed by the intensity of it as it seems to me she is speaking directly to me. I know God uses us to help and reveal things to others and although I don't know Akiane, I can honestly say He reveals much to me through her work and just recently her brother's work.

Akiane is an amazing young lady that paints glorious pictures of heaven and she has been doing so since she was 4 years old when the Lord revealed these images to her. She has this unique way about her style and her poetry that brings life to her work. I can't help but feel her work reveals more of Jesus's plan for us, a poem and painting called The Swing speaks my heart in a way that is so personal I could never reveal it all in a day; the Lord spoke my heart through her paintings and poems and the first time I read this particular poem, tears streamed down my face as I came upon the line that refers to her soul and how she feels the need to protect others who are vulnerable, as God uses the bad things that happen in our lives for good, and bring about a better Kingdom by touching the hearts of others. That is what He is doing in my life as we embark on this journey together to build His Kingdom in the hearts of man. As you go into the gallery of paintings on Akiane's site, you will find several paintings that I feel speak to me on a personal level and one that I can honestly say fits into what I'm saying about how our lives get used to help others is the painting called blessings. When we allow God to use the things in our lives to help others who may be going through the same thing, we become like the lady in the painting pouring out our blessings onto the petals of others. The biggest problem I foresee with people when they have been hurt is that they allow that hurt to consume them and they build walls up around them so that no other hurt can find them. Akiane's younger brother Ilia also writes poetry and he has a poem that he wrote about getting outside our box. You see if we remain in the box with the walls built so high around us that we don't allow others in, not even God, our lives become wasted and useless. We have to pick ourselves up and allow God to use us for His Kingdom, for when we do we find a miraculous thing happens, we too find healing through the lives of others who our life has touched and we become connected in reaching out in love to each other.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Disciple! Praise God!

Yesterday was a great day as I went to the Cultural Village with a new friend that has recently joined this mission for the Lord. I pray that his work in this ministry would glorify God greatly. He is a wonderful example of what it means to be in tune with the Holy Spirit and follow God's Ways over his own. I am thankful and blessed to have him on board. Joseph will come on board with Through His Eyes Africa and minister to the people of Swaziland beginning with our newest bible study "Empowering Families Through Jesus Christ" I know God has so much more in store for Joseph, and although I hadn't yet mentioned this to him but the Lord has revealed to me that one day very soon, Joseph will be a great Pastor and bring many people along to live according to God's ways. Hallelujah!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


It amazes me the difference the Holy Spirit has made in my life, the way He has me look at things, the way I feel now.I know it is His spirit living in me that allows me to look at things in a loving way now. My heart cries and hurts for the things that breaks God's heart, this is how I know and feel that He has made a home in me. This is how I know and feel His Love! I LOVE YOU God!

Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11, 2011

Today I sit waiting to hear back from several friends from the states. Many are following along with these blogs and posts and many are raising funds for The City of God's Glory. I am in awe of God and what He has done in this ministry and for these people of Swaziland. His vision for this little village is perfect and can be used all over this great big world! His Vision is One that will bring followers of Christ to a right standing with God so that they will be a part of His Kingdom. The bible says of Lukewarm Christians that they will be spit out of His mouth and God would never want that to happen. I have to believe He has given this vision to many of His Children to carry out. Today we will hear back from granters and donors and friends who have followed along with this journey. I am grateful for these people of Swaziland who wait patiently for a place to worship, a place to heal, a place to receive God's Word and know that He is such a WONDERFUL GOD! I pray that His Will be done on earth as it is in heaven!